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Social Media Tips of Realtors
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By now you are probably on at least one of the “Big 3” Social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. But, do you really know how to manage and utilize them effectively to promote your business? Below are some helpful tools courtesy of Fairway’s Digital Media Specialist, Sarah Slotnick.

Create Friend Lists on Facebook to better target your posts:

  • Login to your Facebook page
  • Scroll down the left hand margin to locate the “Friend Lists” tab under the “Explore”  section of your sidebar
  • Click “Friend Lists” and then click “Create List”
  • Create as many lists as you deem necessary (i.e. clients, colleagues, etc.).
  • You can add current friends as you create each list or you can click the “friends” tab on your profile and toggle over the button. Once the menu pops up choose “add to another list” and choose the list you wish to add the person to.

Utilize Video:

  • Over 50% of consumers will watch a video before reading any text on a social media post or page
  • A one minute video is equal to over 1.5 million words of text
  • Make sure you are practicing what you are going to say and evaluating your video metrics
  • Try out both prerecorded video and live video and see what works best for your network

Search for Unique Content:

  • Utilize various content sources so that what you post isn’t the same as everyone else in your network
  • Set search terms in Google News and on Bitly.com so that you can choose the content you wish to post
  • Utilize NAR’s website, Twitter and trade publications for content as well as major news publications

Set Realistic Goals

  • Don’t try to change your social media presence overnight, set realistic goals that you can achieve and slowly work to improve your overall social media footprint

In a future post, Sarah will share information about advertising on these platforms…stay tuned!

If you have questions, or want to schedule a social media info session for your office you can contact Sarah directly at: sarah.slotnick@Fairwaymc.com

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