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Real Estate Resolutions for the New Year
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According to Google searches, the current most popular New Year’s resolutions are to:
– Get Healthy
– Get Organized
– Live Life to the Fullest
– Learn New Hobbies
– Spend Less/Save More
– Travel
– Read More

This seems like a strong and inspiring list and you may find some items on here that resonate for you personally.
However, have you thought about the professional resolutions you want to make as well?

Maybe this is the year that you:
– Clean up, organize and really mine your database.
– Master at least one form of social media to promote your business.
– Develop a strategy to network or ask for referrals effectively.
– Use time blocking to prospect for new business (for example 2 hours a day strictly for calls).
– Utilize a new marketing strategy.
– Invest in your own professional development by enrolling in a class or training.

You may have committed to an item on this list, or have a different professional resolution of your own. Either way, you will only succeed if you stick to your plan. Some tips to help you maintain your personal and/or professional resolutions include:

– Commit to only one or two resolutions.
– Break the resolution into small manageable goals.
– Track your accomplishments and reward yourself.
– Finally, forgive your failures, but don’t give up!


Here is to our mutual success in 2017!

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