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Our Commitment to Your Security
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As part of the regulation and oversight of the mortgage industry, all employees of Fairway are required to complete security, fraud and fair lending training annually. We all moan and groan each fall about taking time away from our regular work to spend a few hours completing them, but in the end, the information shared is well worth it professionally, and personally.

Here are just a few reminders that may be helpful for borrowers and agents alike:

Wire Fraud
Back in August we shared the fact that hackers regularly attempt to divert funds wired at closing, and have urged borrowers to verify verbally with their title/closing attorney the account information. More information here.

Identity Theft
If you handle documents that contain PII (Personal Identifiable Information) such as social security numbers, addresses, DOB, tax info etc. you want to have protocols in place to secure them physically (locked desk drawers and/or offices, shredders) and electronically (secure email and/or software). Borrowers dropping off documents that contain PII should secure them in an envelope or folder so they are not readily visible, know the name of the person they hand them to, and retain copies for themselves. Find more information here.

Internet Security

It is still best practice to have long, (think “passphrase”) non-obvious passwords that are changed frequently, and to vary them for each login, (not one universal password for all logins!). You should make it a practice to log off of all devices and sites once done, and to use dual authentication to log in whenever possible. More info on passwords here.

Finally, visit here for a comprehensive list of scams to be aware of!

Most importantly, make sure those in your personal and professional network share your commitment to IT security. It can save you money, time and heartache.


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