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Get to Know Your LO – Susan Dick
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Susan Dick

Loan Officer
Newburyport, MA

After being in the mortgage industry as a loan officer for more than 25 years working at small banks, big banks, and several mortgage companies, I was most impressed with the marketing and technology that Fairway had to offer when I joined the team nearly 5 years ago.
However, it turned out that was just the tip of the iceberg! I see that every decision our team makes is driven by our core values. It took me a few months to really understand and appreciate that the core values are not just a poster on the wall, but that everyone here makes it their mission to embrace them.
Humility is one of the main foundations of Fairway. Fairway employees understand that buying a house is stressful. Period. Doing the best we can for each and every client is top of mind, every day. Everyone here also understands how important speed to respond is, especially during the home buying process. These along with many other factors have made Fairway the best company I have had the pleasure to work for.
Fairway is focused on giving back; and I am proud to work for a company that values people (clients, employees, friends, family and our veterans). Whether it is for the American Warrior Initiative that educates both loan officers and real estate agents about the sacrifices our Veterans have made, or making a difference in the life of one veteran one day at a time – it is very powerful.
And close to my heart is our newly created non-profit, Fairway Cares. Unfortunately, we all have family that has been affected by cancer. This year, it was my niece. I requested a financial gift to help her with medical and housing expenses as she undergoes treatment. I submitted the application on a Thursday at 6:30 pm and we had our grant before noon on Friday. That is speed to respond!
I don’t think anyone plans to get into the mortgage business! In college, I majored in geology. After our global recession in that industry in the early 1980’s, I needed a job. After graduation, I had many jobs in just my first year, including two mortgage companies.
I worked at Provident Financial Services as a loan processor when interest rates were falling from nearly 13%, to 11% and then to 10%; we each had over 100 loans in our pipelines – and worked 7 days a week. Our training was “baptism by fire” as the mortgage industry was still in its infancy. Our technology consisted of a phone with 5 lines, a typewriter, one fax machine, and a car – needed to drive closing packages to the attorney’s office… We have come a long way since then!
I think everyone should scuba dive. It is the one sport in which the slower you go, the more time you have and the more you see.
My favorite food is cold chocolate cake with butter cream frosting – for breakfast!
Most people here don’t know that I grew up in St. Croix. My parents moved there when I was just a baby – they left their home for “2 years” and stayed 51 years.
I thought every kid had friends that had a 75 foot wooden boat that their parents sailed around the BVI, or that 15 and 16 year olds took sailboats and motor boats to either water ski or explore an underwater national park for fun on a Saturday. And that the definition of getting “dressed up” was wearing shoes!

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