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Why Rent When You Can Own?

Fairway Mortgage   21. February 2019   0

Why rent when it may be cheaper to own your own home? Many renters hold off buying because of the stigma that a 20% down payment is needed to purchase a home. Fairway offers several Down Payment Assistance Programs where buyers can pay as little as 3% or even 0% down! Don't let the fear of a 20% down payment stop you from achieving your real estate goals. Are you ready to buy a home this year? Click here to get pre-approved, or contact your local loan officer to learn more!

5 Reasons to Love Using a Real Estate Professional 💗

Fairway Mortgage   13. February 2019   0

  You can't put a price on the value a real estate professional can bring to the process of buying or selling your home. An experienced agent is there to help you with contracts, understanding the process, negotiating, pricing and providing a deep understanding of your local market and how the conditions in a desired neighborhood will impact your experience.   We are happy to refer you to an experienced real estate professional in your area! Click here to contact your local loan...Read More

Get Your Borrower Approved Before They Make an Offer…!

Fairway Mortgage   08. February 2019   0

  What could be better than house-hunting with a buyer who has an underwriter’s approval upfront, ensuring they are a better candidate and are ready to close? Fairway’s Fast Lane program allows borrower's to start at the finish line! Your buyer goes through the underwriting process, begins house hunting secure that once they find a home, they can go under contract and order the appraisal! Next thing you know, your buyer is clear-to-close! With Fairway's Fast Lane, you can...Read More

112,000+ Homeowners Served in 2018!

Fairway Mortgage   28. January 2019   0

Exciting news! Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation served more than 112,000 homeowners nationwide in 2018, funding more than $26.7 Billion dollars in loans. This was a record year for Fairway Nation. Thank you to all who have entrusted us with your home financing needs. We look forward to continue serving you for years to come!

Helpful Info for Tax Filing!

Fairway Mortgage   15. January 2019   0

If you are a home owner, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may impact your 2018 taxes that you will file this year. The updates below come from the IRS, however, you should consult a certified tax planner with any additional questions. NAR offers a wealth of information here regarding how the tax changes impact real estate professionals as well, (scroll to video #4). The Mortgage Interest Deduction: For mortgages taken out after Dec. 15, 2017, only interest on up to $750,000 in acquisition deb...Read More

Fairway Ranked #1 Best Mortgage Company to Work for

Fairway Mortgage   10. January 2019   0

We did it again! For the FIFTH year in a row, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation has been ranked the #1 best mortgage company to work for by Mortgage Executive Magazine. We are so humbled by this amazing accomplishment. Thank you to our wonderful team for making this possible.   Would you like to learn more about the Fair Way and why people LOVE working here? Contact us today to learn more!

Tips for Building Good Credit

Fairway Mortgage   02. January 2019   0

Building good credit takes time. However, knowing where to begin and the proper steps to take can be a key component in reaching your financial goals. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), there are a few products and actions that can help you build credit. Products to use for Building Credit Secured credit cards Credit builder loans Retail store credit cards   Tips for Building & Maintaining Good Credit Monitor your credit. Download ...Read More

Winter is a Great Time to Buy or Sell a Home

Fairway Mortgage   11. December 2018   0

Even though winter is coming, don’t let it put a freeze on your real estate dreams! The thought of listing your home in the winter months, when snow can make for constant shoveling and a mess inside may be unappealing. For buyers, the thought of driving around visiting open houses in the cold and snow can also be a drag. That is exactly why winter may in fact be the best time to both list and look for a new home... In general there is less competition in the winter, with buyers tendi...Read More

Closing Costs: Explained

Fairway Mortgage   10. December 2018   0

What are closing costs? Closing costs are the expenses incurred by buyers and sellers for the services of various real estate and lending related professionals when transferring ownership of a property. These expenses are typically made up of: - An origination fee - Property taxes - Title insurance - Escrow costs - Appraisal fees Closing costs will vary depending on the type of mortgage you chose and the location of your new home. You will get a better idea of the amount once y...Read More

Top Benefits of Homeownership

Fairway Mortgage   10. December 2018   0

Are you considering buying a home in the near future? Owning a home is an exciting investment, and comes with many potential benefits. Build Equity Purchasing a home is an investment in yourself. Your monthly mortgage payments will include both principal and interest, with the principal portion going toward your personal equity in your home. If and when you decide to sell your home, the equity you’ve invested can turn into profit if the value of your home is more than your remaining...Read More



Why Rent When You Can Own?

Why rent when it may be cheaper to own your own home? Many renters hold off buying because of the stigma that a 20% down payment is needed to pur...Read More

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