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‘No one can do everything, but we all can do one thing.’

Fairway Mortgage   12. November 2018   0

‘No one can do everything, but we all can do one thing.’ Those are the wise words of Louise Thaxton, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Branch Manager and co-founder of Fairway’s nonprofit The American Warrior Initiative. Together, Louise and her co-founder Sean Parnell, retired Army Infantry Captain and New York Times Best Selling Author, travel the country, teaching real estate agents and other business professionals the challenges men and women who have served in the milita...Read More

A Commitment to Serve

Fairway Mortgage   23. October 2018   0

[caption id="attachment_1585" align="alignleft" width="344"] Janet and Stan, full time volunteers at the West Roxbury VA.[/caption] Each year, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation through our American Warrior Initiative holds dozens of real estate CE Bootcamps and fundraisers throughout the country, which allow us to educate agents  and raise money to provide service dogs, business grants and necessary funds for local veterans in need. ‘Commitment to Serve’ is one of  our core va...Read More

5 Tips to Increase Your Online Reviews

Fairway Mortgage   11. October 2018   0

In the digital age, online review platforms are typically the first place consumers go to seek a credible loan officer or real estate agent. Therefore it is important for loan officers and agents alike to incorporate a process for requesting new reviews into their to-do lists and to make it a top priority with every client. 5 Tips to Increase Your Online Reviews 1. Discuss the importance of your reviews. The best way to prime new clients to leave you an online review after the tran...Read More

Growing Your Referral Base (It’s all about feeling good!)

Fairway Mortgage   09. October 2018   0

When you are in sales, no matter what type, referrals are a major source of business, and a great way to gauge your value in the marketplace. The most popular and common ways to build a referral network is through: Current or former clients Family, friends and colleagues Networking groups Social Media And then what…? First and foremost, be good at what you do: return calls promptly, answer questions patiently, educate your client, know your industry, and provide high...Read More

Tips for Maintaining Your New Home

Fairway Mortgage   28. September 2018   0

If you’re a new homeowner, congratulations! We’re happy we were able to help you secure your home financing. However, you now need to remember to take care of your home.  Beyond the day to day cleaning and yard work, there are certain maintenance tasks that should be done annually or bi-annually.  Knowing what to do when, and budgeting for these ongoing needs (see below), may mean fewer surprises, and result in a well maintained home that holds its value. Here’s a short list of to...Read More

Our Commitment to Your Security

Fairway Mortgage   24. September 2018   0

As part of the regulation and oversight of the mortgage industry, all employees of Fairway are required to complete security, fraud and fair lending training annually. We all moan and groan each fall about taking time away from our regular work to spend a few hours completing them, but in the end, the information shared is well worth it professionally, and personally. Here are just a few reminders that may be helpful for borrowers and agents alike: Wire Fraud Back in August we shared ...Read More

What is Your One Thing?

Fairway Mortgage   20. September 2018   0

Of all the things I get to do as part of my job as regional marketing director at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, by far the best is running our annual American Warrior Initiative “Boot Camps” for real estate agents. Conceived as a way of teaching agents how to serve and support returning veterans, these 3-hour continuing education classes have another purpose. They allow the host branches of the events to recognize and honor a veteran from their community and to provide funding fo...Read More

Putting Together your Real Estate “Dream Team”

Fairway Mortgage   17. September 2018   0

  The New England Patriot’s are back for another season! Like the Pat’s, you need a strong, reliable, healthy team to succeed, in football and real estate.  One missing or weak team member can make the difference between a win and a loss, and you cannot rely on just one person to get you the win everytime. So who should be on your winning team?  Here are a few obvious and maybe not so obvious players for you to consider: Respected Real Estate Broker (you!) This may help ...Read More

13 Steps to Becoming a Homeowner

Fairway Mortgage   17. September 2018   0

For new and seasoned buyers alike, the home-buying process may seem confusing, long and overwhelming. While our team is here to help guide and ease you through every step of the home loan process to ensure for a smooth closing, these 13 steps may help clarify some of the confusion for you! Are you ready to start the home-buying process? Contact a loan officer near you to get started!

American Warrior Initiative Real Estate Professional Bootcamp & CE

Fairway Mortgage   10. September 2018   0

This November, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, through its American Warrior Initiative, invites you to attend a very special American Warrior Real Estate Professional Boot Camp, a continuing education credit class and certification event for real estate professionals. The objective in offering the AWREP Program is to provide a platform whereby real estate professionals can be trained and equipped to handle with excellence the home purchase needs of active duty and former mili...Read More


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